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The project vision is based on the conviction that a sense of belonging to a community, represented by institutions at any level, starts from the opportunity to recognize oneself as a recipient of rights and opportunities. A job, or an opportunity of self-employment, is becoming crucial for the new generations, who are paying for the present economic crisis in many countries and who view the labour market with a huge sense of mistrust. Nowadays in Spain, a wide juvenile movement, called "Indignados", fill the streets and town squares demonstrating against the high rate of unemployment, and is now beginning to reach many other European countries. For these reasons, we intend to develop a project called "Ideas on the Move", inviting young European citizens to discuss their viewpoints and express their own opinions on important issues that are necessary for the provision of support to young entrepreneurs and self-employed workers. Europe 2020 and Youth on the Move, political initiatives from the EU, place great relevance to creativity and entrepreneurship, and consider them as key factors for European future.

Therefore, the main aims of the project are to

  1. spread among young people the idea that hard working and innovative ideas can be tools they can utilise to assert their own talent;
  2. inform young citizens about the main aims of Europe 2020: talent development, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit;
  3. collect citizens' opinions on the topics above;
  4. instigate a wide-ranging debate characterized by cross fertilisation between citizens and different kinds of social actors;
  5. disseminate the project results to European institutions.

Moreover, we aim to promote an innovative method to implement youth participation: a contest for entrepreneurship based ideas will be launched and the most innovative proposals will be given a prize together with the opportunity to participate in the transnational meetings scheduled for the project.


Innovation on the Move: in every participating country, a contest for ideas will be launched. The most innovative ideas based on Entrepreneurship realized by people aged 18-30 will receive a symbolic prize and will be selected to participate in the next steps of the project. This method of selection of participants is a useful tool to show institutional interest in young people’s ideas.
Discussion on the Move: the 80 selected participants, plus university students and young citizens, will be involved in a three-day discussion on European policies on self-employment and Entrepreneurship for young people to analyse the actual present situation and understand the strengths and weaknesses in the present regulation. In the meanwhile, the selected ideas will be presented to economic stakeholders and an ideas catalogue will be created and published. The venue for this meeting will be S. Leucio, Caserta, Italy.
Ideas on the Vote: a public opinion survey will be launched on the project website to allow citizens to vote for their own favourite ideas, and the survey results will be used to help to select the three winning ideas. This is a very useful tool to enhance citizens’ interest in the project.
Proposals on the Move: in every participating country, three workshops involving young people will be arranged to elaborate on a proposal about European political issues on employment and entrepreneurship for young people.
Parliament on the Move: eight delegation of 10 young people each will meet in Brussels for four days. During the first three days, they will discuss the eight proposals. The debate method will be a simulation of the European Parliament, during whose session the final proposal is to be compiled. On the 4th day, the ensuing document will be presented to a delegation of European parliamentarians in the presence of Vice-President of European Parliament. On the same day, the award ceremony will take place and the three best ideas, one in each field, will receive the prize of € 1.500 each.



Facoltà di Studi Politici "Jean Monnet"

Since its creation in 2005, the target of the Faculty, has been the provision of training in the field of Political Science through highly interdisciplinary teaching methods. We intend to provide our students the cultural tools necessary to govern the complex dynamics of the contemporary global society, thus forming new political actors of the territory in the public and private sector.

The teaching program is focused on the disciplines of political science, administrative science and international relations.

Three key words characterising the faculty are

- Internationalization: as a tool for opening the "totality" of university education, with a special focus on Mediterranean and Euro EU perspectives, through training courses of transnational dimension and international programs of exchange faculty and students;

- Interdisciplinary: to combine the varied knowledge in sciences in the social-political, historical, legal and economic fields, able to provide high specialization, and ensure the highest level of access to the labour market;

- Innovation: for the implementation of educational courses designed to provide high planning skills able to give new impulse to the growth in cultural dynamics and socio-economic development of the territory in both the European and the global context.

For these reasons and for its specific vocation, the Faculty has been named after the great French statesman and promoter of the European integration process, Jean Monnet.


Giosef Italy

The Association Giosef - Giovani Senza Frontiere – Italy (Youth without Borders)- was founded in April, 1998 and aims to promote active European citizenship and youth mobility.

The fact that Giosef is involved in several youth inclusion and participation activities confirms our main aim of creating new dimensions for young people in social and public life in order to facilitate their ability to cope with the needs of new generations.

In addition, Giosef – Italy supports the building of a welcoming idea of Europe, based on democracy, peace, tolerance, and the acceptance of diversity. Moreover, Giosef promotes non-formal educational paths and vocational training from an intercultural perspective.

These goals are reached through intercultural youth exchange programs, training courses, active citizenship actions, domestic and international internships, town-twinning, conventions and meetings, research and publishing, solidarity, co-operation and development projects.


Forum Nazionale dei Giovani

The FNG recognized by the legislative decree number 311 of the Italian Parliament of 30th of December 2004, is the only national platform of Italian youth organizations which grants the representation of more than 4 millions of young people. It's composed by 77 different organizations. Since May 2008 is full member of the European Youth Forum (YFJ) which represents the interests of young Europeans by international institutions. His objectives are:

- to create a space of debate and sharing of experiences between youth associations of different typology and nature and Italian and European institutions,

- to play a role as consultative and proposal body in the framework of Youth Policies;

- to commit itself for the involvement of young people in the social, civil and political life of the Country, involving them also in the decision making process;

- to promote the creation of youth forums and youth councils at local, provincial and regional level.


Youth for Exchange and Understanding International

Youth for Exchange and Understanding International (YEU) is an International Youth Organization founded in Strasbourg in 1986 by a group of 120 young people from 11 different countries. In 1989, we were recognized as a member association of the European Coordination Bureau (E.C.B.). Today we are a member of the European Youth Forum, which is the independent platform for INGYOs and NYCs in Europe. We have young people from over 30 countries from across Europe and Africa involved in our activities. As an international network, we are the representative body of our members in contacts with the institutions and partners in the youth field.

YEU is run by young people for young people and operates with a democratic structure. Our members mainly work on a voluntary basis. The limit age to participate in our activities is 30 years but the majority of participants are under the age of 25. It is young people who decide about activities of the organization, define the strategies and implement the action plans, run the organization and ultimately evaluate it. It is important to note that most young people in YEU are actively involved in other aspects of civil society, frequently establishing links between the Member Organizations and the local, regional and national institutions, other youth organizations and the community in general, extending the participation in the international organization to the local dimension. Today, YEU is a network of 38 youth organizations across the 30 European and African countries.


"Youth and Civil initiatives in the Rose Valley" NGO

The "Youth and Civil Initiatives in the Rose Valley" NGO was founded in April 2007. Among our key priorities are: raising young people' s awareness of the aching problems of our world, integration of socially disadvantaged and disabled people, fostering human rights, gender equality and intercultural dialogue. This we do through different initiatives such as: awareness raising campaigns, organizing local events, seminars, conferences, carrying out surveys, polling citizens' opinion on different issues, taking part in intercultural youth exchanges.

Since our establishment we have hosted 5 multilateral youth exchanges, 2 training courses,2 seminars and we are hosting a new youth exchange in March 2012. Besides, we are an accredited SOHO for EVS. So far we have had 5 hosting and 4 sending EVS projects and we continue applying with new EVS projects. We have also partnered in three 1.3 Youth Democracy projects carrying out local research and initiatives as well as taking part in study visits abroad. Moreover, as an NGO we have taken part in 80 partner projects abroad by January 2012.

We have partnered in three Europe for Citizens projects- one targeting immigrants, one – intergenerational dialogue and the last one we are currently involved in is about youth entrepreneurship.


Cooperativa de Ensino e Reabilitação de Crianças Inadaptadas da Nazaré

Cooperativa de Ensino e Reabilitação de Crianças Inadaptadas da Nazaré, later designated as CERCINA, is a Institution of Private Social Solidarity constituted in 1982. The movement CERCI constituted as a movement of parents and educators, incorporates the concepts of cooperation and partnership of institutions and implement the social response to people with special needs in order to strengthen relations between them and the community with the aim of creating and sustain the forum answers: education, professional training and working that will address the social inclusion of people with disabilities. CERCINA is a response to child in need of special support in Nazaré and places around him, without the support of any other local or government institution.


Asociatia Tinerilor Rromi Valcea

ATRV was founded in 2009 and its main purpose is to work with young people coming from Rroma minority. We try to aware the young people from our community about necessity of involvement in the democratic life of the community. For this we implement different projects for them, where to meet young people from other countries and together to change ideas and share good practice examples.


Asociación Sociocultural "Fahz"

Fhaz is a non-profit organization with its own legal personality and full capacity for the consecution of its purposes, which supports and gives its service to young people. Its social residence is in the town of Alfaz del Pi.

Fahz is an autonomous organization whose goal is to favour active involvement of youth and give response to their specific needs in any field of society.

Our values are democratic and plural participation, as means for exercising full citizenship in society, social commitment, equal opportunities, dialogue and respect for diversity in its widest range of meanings.

We want to build social awareness and promote the exchange of ideas and experiences among different youth realities.


Tellus Ltd

Tellus Ltd (Tellus Plymouth) was formed in 1995, and is part of Tellus Group Ltd. Tellus Group has offices in France, Greece, Italy, Poland and the UK. In the UK Tellus has a language school in Plymouth and Portsmouth. Tellus Group or its subsidiaries are an active European partner in the Life Long Learning Programme in various frameworks including Grundtvig and TOI partnerships. Tellus has been involved as an Intermediary and Host in the framework of Leonardo da Vinci since 2002, a Promoter since 2008 and Erasmus partner since 2006. Tellus' Portsmouth office is British Council Registered Language School and a UKBA Registered Sponsor (#: 2W9JNAK02).

TELLUS has successfully placed trainees in a wide variety of internships, since 2002, aiming at developing a greater understanding of the use of the host countries language in a business environment, increasing the understanding of the commercial and industrial culture in the host country, providing the participants an improved Curriculum Vitae to further their future employment prospects, and contributing to the host company's performance.

Since 2002 we have perfected our systems and procedures and can offer a high-quality service to participants, of 14 years of age and above, from all vocational and academic backgrounds. Our international placement team is experienced in understanding the different cultures and backgrounds of participants from different parts of the world. This enables us to react professionally, efficiently and caringly to all queries, uncertainties and possible problems our customers may face.

Our long standing host companies are experienced in training, monitoring and guiding our participants and meeting their individual expectations and needs.

Apart from arranging and monitoring LdV mobility (PLM, IVT, VETPRO), Grundtvig or Comenius in-service, training programmes, we offer to arrange and manage: airport transfer, accommodation (Homestay/ Hostel/ Hotel etc), local travel, cultural programmes and language training.



The KREATIVY Non-profit LLC was established by young people in December 2008 with the aim of taking active part in the rural development process through paying special attention develop, organize and coordinate cultural collaborations and programmes as well as fulfil the training needs of the area. The KREATIVY Non-profit LLC was established by young adults being responsible for the area and have been already playing active role in elaborating and implementing both local and international projects in collaboration with the local organizations and decision makers in the area of North Borsod, especially Bükki Hegyhát through the youth organization of Teenager Parliament operating more than ten years in the area. Our current greatest plan is to establish a so-called Artist's Nest with the following plans and objectives:

The Artist’s Nest, as a training and cultural methodological centre in close collaboration with national and transnational professional organisations initiates, coordinates and implements the cultural programmes and events in local. It ensures the trainings needed for that and supports the manufacturing of locally designed handicraft products. It takes part in the creating the area’s image and encourages and trains the talented local young people. It serves as a place for exhibitions and gallery as well as venue for cultural events.

"Artistic nest" to be developed and run by the KREATIVY Non-profit LLC which intends to contribute to the implementation of local rural development strategy through using the tools of culture. The aims are the following: coordinating local artists, hand craftsmen and women as well as professionals in the fields of arts and culture; providing supports and trainings to local talented youths, organizing colourful cultural programmes and exhibitions through applying the tools of expressive arts, exchange of knowledge and expertise, promoting local artists in local and international levels as well.

We are willing to pay special attention to preserving traditions on one hand, but also emphasize the importance of integrating modern cultural elements. Therefore, the Artistic Nest intends to produce such art products that provide an innovative mixture of local traditions and modern fantasy of today’s artists.

The KREATIVY was responsible for the youth tasks for the area between 2009-20 10 and was local member of the Eurodesk European Network for 3 years till 2012.


Management Committee
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Scientific Committee
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    Ida Caracciolo

    Ida Caracciolo (Law PhD., University of Rome “La Sapienza”). She is full professor of International Law at the Faculty of Political Studies of the University of Naples 2, vice-dean of the Faculty and president of the MA Course on International Markets and Institutions. She teaches in various universities, among them the Link Campus University of Malta and the University of Paris 8. She is barrister and legal expert at the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and in numerous high colleges, among them: the Italian High School for Economics and Finance, Rome. She is Officer of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic. Her publications include: Applicable Law, in LATTANZI F.-SHABS W.A. (eds.), Essays on the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, L’Aquila, 1999; Dal diritto penale internazionale al diritto internazionale penale: il rafforzamento delle garanzie giurisdizionali (From Criminal International Law to International Criminal Law: the Strengthing of Judicial Guarantees), Naples, 2000; Il diritto internazionale: diritto per gli Stati e diritto per gli individui, (International Law: Law for States and Individuals), 2 vols. Turin, 2008-2010 (with U. Leanza); National Claims in the Arctic Ocean. The case of the Svalbard Islands Maritime Areas, in La Comunità internazionale, 3, 2009, Multidisciplinary Study on the Geopolitical Aspect of the Concept of "Crimen Iuris Gentium" through the Example of Judge Garzón Affair in Spain (with B. Loyer and R. Lettvall), Madrid, 2010; L'associazionismo internazionale nel diritto del mare: la Commissione sui limiti esterni della piattaforma continentale (International Association in the Law of the Sea: the UN Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf), in Scritti in onore di Ugo Draetta, Naples, 2011; Un nuovo passo nella tutela dei diritti umani sotto il profilo penalistico: i risultati della Conferenza di Kampala sulla revisione dello Statuto della Corte penale internazionale (A new step in the protection of human rights by criminal law: the Kampala Conference on the revision of the International Criminal Court Statute), in Studi in onore di Claudio Zanghì, vol. II, Turin, 2011).

    Barbara Loyer

    Barbara Loyer, professor at the French Institute of Geopolitics of the University Paris 8. She is specialized in Spain's geopolitics, especially on catalan and basque nationalisms as well as in the analysis of separatist terrorism. She also works on Europe and on the European Union. Currently, she manages a project of a Mediterranean consortium of universities for a multidisciplinary joint doctorate programme, specialized in the analysis of geopolitical conflicts in the Mediterranean. Her current research lines are the following: methodology of geopolitics, democracy and geopolitics, women and geopolitics.

    She has written more than 50 articles, the most recent ones are entitled:

    - Les Balkans : des frontières encore conflictuelles, in Les conflits dans le monde, approche géopolitique, under the guidance of Béatrice Giblin, Armand Colin, 2011, pp.125-134.

    - L’Espagne, un Etats des nations, ibidem, 157-166

    - L’Irlande : un conflit multiséculaire, ibidem, p. 167-174

    - Identité basque et territoire, dossier « Territoires et identités » Revue numérique Grande Europe, n. 28, La documentation française, January 2011.

    Francesco Ianniello

    Post-graduated at the «Scuola Mattei, alti studi» ENI, in Milan, Major in Economy of Enterprises; Bachelor Degree in Trade and Economics at Naples University. Mr. Ianniello joined the European Commission in 1971 where he was working for several Directorates-General (Agriculture, Administration and Development). From1990 until June 1996, he was manager at the Unit "Social Economy” (coo-peratives, associations, foundations and mutuals), at the DG XXIII,"Enterprise Policy". Afterwards, from 1996 and until 2004, as head of the Unit "Craft, small businesses, cooperatives and mutuals" of the European Comission's DG Enterprise and Industry, his main task was to widen the understanding of the structure and specifics of the world of the enterprises and in particular to improve the environment of small enterprises, especially, some categories of entrepreneurs (women, young people, disadvantaged groups); specific sectors such as artisanal companies and specific forms of entrepreneurship (among which cooperatives, mutuals, associations, communities). Thereafter, from 2004 to 2010, Mr. Ianniello was the Head of unit at DG Enterprise and Industry at the Tourism Unit of the European Commission where his main outputs were the following projects: EDEN, CALYPSO, NECStouR, Tourism European day and European Tourism Forum. Currently, Mr. Ianniello keeps on participating and giving conferences and seminars in Belgium, Sweden and Italy. Additionally, he writes articles on tourism and European Union issues.

    Magdalena Martínez

    Professor Ma Magdalena Martínez obtained her LL.B from the University of Alicante (Spain) in Arts and Humanities (July, 1986) and the B.C.L. degree in History (December, 1986), the D.E.A. in Modern History (2006); LL.B. from the University of Murcia (Spain) in Law and currently she earned a PhD in Law (1995). MASTER in Euro-Arab Studies (1990). MASTER in Institutional English Translation (2008). Magdalena Martínez teaches History of Law in the Historical and Legal Sciences Institute, since April 2000 in the Faculty of Law of the University of Alicante. She has been involved in the researching project of Cátedra Garrigues sobre Derecho global. She has atended the MASTER and Curso de Formación de Derecho de familia Zarraluqui (2005-2012).

    Vice-director of the MASTER en Inmigración, Nacionalidad, Interculturalidad (2007-2009). Member of InteRed a Non-Governamental Organization, Ma Magdalena Martínez has published La noción del tiempo en el Muhtasar de Halil (1999), Derecho procesal hispanoárabe (2006) and more than 30 articles about the main research field in Spanish Islamic Law.

    Alejandra Olay

    Alejandra is a Mexican jurist with professional background in both, private and public sectors: civil litigation attorney, legal advisor to the Mexican Senate, researcher and legal assistant at the Tuscany's Regional Council and legal drafting expert at lobbying firms.

    After becoming a lawyer, she got two master's degrees in Italy: Legislatives Sciences at Pisa University and European Studies at Florence University. Currently, she follows a Comparative Law and Integration Processes Ph. D. programme at the Second University of Naples.

    She has taught diverse graduate and postgraduate courses in Mexico, such as Private International Law, Theory of Obligations, Legal Sociology and Comparative Law as well as specific training courses for the Mexican Federal Judiciary Power.

    Alejandra has been the only jurist to occupy the presidency of the Mexican Academy of International Private Law at the age of 33 years old.

    She speaks fluent English, Italian and Spanish and also, fair French.

    Gian Maria Piccinelli

    Gian Maria Piccinelli was born November 9, 1959. Professor of the Second University of Naples, then becames dean of the Faculty of Political Studies "Jean Monnet". He's degree in law and speaks fluent English and French. He is a member of the Steering Committee of the Yearbook of Comparative Law and Legislative Studies and of the Committee for the Italian Islam at the Ministry of Interior.

    Roberto Greco

    Roberto has a Masters Equivalent Degree in International and Diplomatic Sciences with a special interest in Development Cooperation and African history and politics. He also completed a specialization course in Development Cooperation at the Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce in Brussels in March 2010. Before joining Tellus in July 2010, he had been a basketball coach in his hometown, Caserta, Italy. Roberto manages email campaigns and social media accounts and he is a Country Coordinator for UK, Ireland, Croatia and Macedonia. Roberto is also in charge of European projects for Italy. He lives in Plymouth and speaks Italian, English and some Spanish and French

    Kimmo Kosunen

    From Junior Lecturer, Kimmo advanced through the positions of Senior Lecturer, Deputy Head (Department of English), Head of English, Director of Educational Services and Director of a private language school. At Tellus Kimmo's role involves participation in EU projects dealing with language training, course development and teacher training. Kimmo has studied a Masters in TEFL. Kimmo speaks English, Finnish and Swedish fluently, German satisfactorily and some Russian, Italian, Spanish and French

    Ilka Pálmai

    Ilka Pálmai as an agricultural economist and rural development manager is working in the Local Action Group from more than 3 years, in this case she has huge knowledge about the different EU projects. She has many years of practical experiences in the youth work –in national and international field, also as a trainer or as a member of different projects.

    Eva Palmai

    Eva Palmai as the executive manager of the KREATIVY Nonprofit LLC work in cultural and training field more than three years. In addition she is a member of the advisory board of BUKIKA Foundation therefore she deals with youth work and participates in local and international youth projects as a participant or leader. She is an expert of the 1.1 youth exchanges within the Youth in Action Program.

    Francesca Cicchella

    Francesca is 28 next June, she is from Marcianise but she lives between Spain and England where she worked for several years. She loves travelling and interacting with people of every nationality, in order to know better and in depth their cultures. That is the reason why she took her degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures and, then, a master's degree in the field of International Relations. Since her first experience abroad for a study tour when she was 15, she has been travelling for study and for work experiences, taking part to international events like the 32nd America's Cup in Valencia in 2007 with the Italian team "Mascalzone Latino". She spent one year in Horsham (England) in 2009-2010 to teach Italian in a local school and in 2011 she worked for the Valencian Community Coordination Centre of NGO for Development (CVONGD) devoting herself to social awareness building and civil society movement coordination. Since 2008 she is in charge of the external relations of the no-profit cultural association "Fahz", in Alfaz del Pi (Spain), which provides local youth with services in order to promote active participation and meet their specific needs in every area of the society.

    Georgeta Biography

    Georgeta Mureanu is the representative of ATRV. She is born in 1978, in Rm Valcea Romania. In 2001 she graduated "European Studies faculty" from "Babes Bolyai University" in Cluj Napoca, Romania. In 2010 she completed her studies with a master degree in Human Resources Management, at the "Management Faculty" from Bucharest Economics Academy. Until 2010, she got experience in administrative field working in multinational companies. Starting 2010, Georgeta is working with young people from Valcea county, in citizenship and voluntary projects.

    Joaquim Pequicho

    Joaquim Ascensão Pequicho studied Sociology at Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa and is also Master on Gestão e Direção do Desporto by Universidade da Extremadura/Universidade de Évora. After he graduated, he worked as coordinator of programs and activities developed by City Hall of Nazaré (2000-2001), sociologist at City Hall of Nazaré (2001-2004, 2007-2008), Regional Director of Instituto Português da Juventude at Leiria (2004-2007), sociologist at City Hall of Óbidos (2008-2010), teacher of "Antropologia e Sociologia do Desporto" at Escola Superior de Educação de Leiria (2008-2009) and actually he is President of General Assembly of CODEM (Confederação Deficiência Intelectual), President of General Assembly Confecoop (Confederação da Cooperativa Portuguesa), Director of FENACERCI (Federação das Cooperativas de Solidariedade social) and President of Direction of CERCINA (Cooperativas de Ensino e Reabilitação de Crianças Inadaptadas da Nazaré).

    Tsvetina Ilieva Zaharlieva

    Tsvetina Ilieva Zaharlieva has been the executive director of the “Youth and Civil Initiatives in the Rose Valley” NGO since 2007. An English teacher by university degree she has worked for four years in private language centers. However, since 2004 she has been working as a project manager under different programmes and initiatives. Besides, Mrs. Zaharlieva is a free lance trainer in the non-formal education sector with specialized trainings for trainers and several training courses she has facilitated or led so far. She is also managing the Youth Information Centre in Karlovo providing various activities and opportunities for personal development of the local youth.

    Marko Paunovic

    Marko Paunovic, Secretary General of YEU International, was born on 4th of August 10981 in Serbia. He has finished Faculty of Political science in Belgrade. He is specialised in European projects' design and management , Youth policy and Youth work development and Non formal education. As a freelance trainer and educator he delivers programmes such as Training for Trainers, Organisational and Project Management, Communication, Innovations, etc. Currently he is living in Brussels, Belgium.

    Orsola Barina

    European political corrispondent. She took an Arts graduate with a BA in Literature and a master degree in Public and Institutional Communication. She cooperated with the Ministero del Tesoro press agency and she worked as managing editor for the first structural funds journal edited by Development Policies Bureau of Ministry of Economic Development. She worked as communication consultant and press agent for organizations engaged in Community policy and Europlanning.

    Lorenzo Floresta

    Lorenzo was born the June 18, 1985, in Enna, and is a graduate in law. He is the National President of Giosef Italy (Youth Without Borders Italy). It was elected President in Caserta in December of 2010 by the assembly of the association. It was president of the local club Giosef Enna, a board member of the Regional body to the right to study as well as Vice President of the Social Cooperative Ermes. He has held the post of Vice President of the Foreign of the Italian National Youth Council from 2009 to 2012.

    Igor Zakharchenko

    Igor was born in Ukraine on a day unknown. His childhood dream was to be an astronaut like LAiKA. His dream as an adult is to marry an Italian girl to have the Italian citizenship. He loves to play the guitar and above all to drink Russian vodka. A few days ago is the new president of Giosef Caserta Association. He works in the association as volunteer for two years. Has worked as project manager in some projects of the Youth in Action Program. He studied Political Science for a few years. He hopes to graduate in 6 or 7 years.

    Francesca Mosca

    Francesca was born April 25, 1984 in a small village in the province of Caserta. Voluntary in Giosef since 2005, she began working in the association as volunteer of civil service, only in 2007. Now she work as project manager assistant of some projects promoted by the European Commission - DG Education and Culture (LLP, Yia, Europe for Citizens). She has a specialist degree in "Finance for the Markets". The last January she received a degree award during the ceremony "Italian Quality" held at the Quirinal with the President of the Republic, Giorgio Napolitano. Her biggest passion is cooking and eating!!!

    Enrico Vellante

    Enrico was born too many years ago and is the last "survivor" of Giosef Italy founders. Has worked as project manager in several projects in the framework of the main programs promoted by European Commission - DG Education and Culture (YiA, Europe for Citizens, LLP). This job allowed him to travel a lot around Europe but now, as his main duty is to keep the association open doesn't travel anymore... Just pay bills. Before a project deadline he is work-alcoholic… but after usually is alcoholic... He got into this habit attending many training courses promoted by N.A.s and Salto Youth and EYC in Budapest! He has a degree in Economics and speaks Italian, English and some Greek.



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Caserta, Belvedere Reale di San Leucio



Caserta, Belvedere Reale di San Leucio



Caserta, Belvedere Reale di San Leucio



Publication of the call



Presentation of the project during the XXIV Festival de Cine de L'Alfàs del Pi



Presentation of the project during Youth, Innovation, XXI Century conference - Hungary



"Ideas on the move" project will be presented on October 19th at Caserta



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Publication of the winners.



Meeting in Caserta.



Meeting in Caserta.

Meeting in Caserta


Meeting in Caserta.

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Opening on line voting.

Presentation of the project


during Youth, Innovation, XXI Century conference - Hungaryl

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INFO&CONTACT POINT Asociación Sociocultural “Fahz” Facoltà di Studi Politici - Jean Monnet Asociatia Tinerilor Rromi Valcea Cooperativa de Ensino e Reabilitação de Crianças Inadaptadas da Nazaré Forum Nazionale dei Giovani Ass. Giosef Italy KREATIVY Nonprofit LLC Tellus Ltd Youth and Civil initiatives in the Rose Valley Youth for Exchange and Understanding International

    Info&Contact point

    Via C. Battisti, 69
    81100 Caserta

    T 0039 0823322137

    Asociación Sociocultural “Fahz”

    Plaza Juan Carlos I
    3580 Alicante

    T 0034 678819494
    F 0034 965889453

    Asociatia Tinerilor Rromi Valcea

    Linie 410
    247740 Vladesti

    T 0040 767937940
    F 0040 350431584

    Cooperativa de Ensino e Reabilitação de Crianças Inadaptadas da Nazaré

    Caminho Real, Alto Romão, Pederneira, Apartado 157
    2450-060 Nazaré

    T 00351 262562595
    F 00351 262562596

    KREATIVY Nonprofit LLC

    István telep 35
    H-3622 Uppony

    T/F 0036 48470273